Bob Armstrong has more than 30 years of commercial experience in the oil, gas, commodity trading, and renewable energy industries. A career energy professional, Bob serves NXTClean by leveraging his long-term relationships within the energy industry which he is now actively leveraging to position NXTClean as a leader in the clean fuel space.

His career includes trading crude oil, natural gas, power, and refined products for such companies as BP, American Electric Power, and Constellation Energy Group. Prior to joining NXTClean, Bob spearheaded Kinder Morgan’s Product Pipeline Group, where he successfully started the company’s transmix processing business, traded its corporate RINS portfolio, managed the butane blending partnership, and later acted as the business development manager for Kinder’s Plantation Pipeline and Crude Marketing Team. He also served as Vice President of Business Development with Energy Midstream LLC where he was responsible for identifying opportunities in processing for renewable feedstocks and asset purchases.