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Renewable Diesel

Renewable diesel is made from a variety of organic waste materials, like used cooking oil, animal tallows and fish grease. It is a proven “drop-in” fuel, meaning it is chemically identical to petroleum-based fuels and doesn’t require any modifications to the equipment it’s powering. And because it is made from organic waste materials, it is up to 85 percent cleaner than fossil fuels.

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Carbon Intensity

Carbon Intensity (CI) measures the lifecycle emissions of a fuel: source/extraction, transportation, processing and final combustion. The lower the CI value, the cleaner and more sustainable a fuel is.

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ICON GHG green - Renewable Diesel

Drastically reduces GHG emissions from the transportation sector

ICON Soot green - Renewable Diesel

Reduces black soot from roadways, waterways and snowpack

ICON Benefit green - Renewable Diesel

Creates an instant, positive benefit to air, water, and public health when replacing petroleum diesel

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Enhances energy security by diversifying fuel sources

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