Sustainability / Environmental Preservation

Our clean fuels help the world reduce its collective environmental impact and normalize the use of affordable, clean fuel products.

We recognize that climate change is a systemic issue, affecting all sectors and geographies. Our advanced biofuels are designed to decarbonize the transportation industry without burdening the consumer. Advanced biofuels are “drop-in” ready and designed to cost the same at the pump. With each gallon used, we’re improving the health of the environment and our communities.

Clean Fuels, Clean Lifecycle

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Creating a fuel with low carbon intensity means minimizing environmental impacts at each step of the production process – from feedstock supplies to consumer use. This is why we look for every opportunity to use organic waste as the basis for our consumer fuels. It adds to the circular economy, minimizes waste in our oceans and landfills, and curbs the need for petroleum.

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We favor maritime deliveries of feedstocks and finished products because it is cleaner and more efficient than using rail or trucking over long distances.

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We engineer our facilities to use advanced technologies that minimize water use and air emissions, and we recycle byproducts to create efficiencies within our processing systems.

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We produce advanced biofuels that displace the need for dirty fossil fuels and accelerate the transition toward cleaner road, rail, water, and air travel.

Beyond Business: Championing Environmental Stewardship

Our commitment to the environment influences our decision-making and forms the foundation of our mission. At Port Westward, we will be restoring nearly 500 acres of wetland habitat adjacent to our facility. These wetlands will remove invasive species, restore natural groundwater flows, create new pollinator and wildlife habitat, and revive native flora.
Our environmental engineering and community outreach teams are also using our restoration program as a teaching moment. NXTClean is developing environmental curriculum that connects local students to their surrounding ecosystem. In 2022 and 2023, NXTClean’s outreach teams partnered with local schools to enhance their school grounds so students can grow some of the native flora that will be planted during our wetland restoration efforts.