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Port Westward

Our original development project is proposed for Port Westward near Clatskanie, Oregon and adjacent to the Columbia River maritime channel. If all permitting approvals are granted, this site will be the home to a renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel hub with production capacity of up to 50,000 barrels of clean fuel per day. NXTClean anticipates that construction of this facility will begin in 2025.

Photography courtesy of the Port of Columbia County 

Local Facility Permits


State Facility Permits


Federal Facility Permit


Anticipated Construction Timeline


Anticipated Operations Start


LOCATION - Port Westward


Supporting Energy Independence

ICON Diesel - Port Westward

Renewable Diesel

Made from a variety of organic waste materials, renewable diesel (RD) has up to 85% lower carbon emissions than traditional diesel and is a proven “drop-in” fuel, meaning it is chemically identical to petroleum-based fuels and doesn’t require any modifications to the equipment it’s powering.

ICON SAF - Port Westward

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is a cutting-edge renewable fuel made using organic feedstocks instead of petroleum. This results in up to 80% lower carbon emissions than traditional jet fuel, enabling airlines to accomplish their carbon reduction goals.

Production Amounts


At Start-up

Barrels Per Year

At Full Capacity

Barrels Per Year

Clean Fuels’ Positive Benefit

on the Environment

Renewable Diesel

Up to 85% fewer GHG emissions than traditional petroleum diesel

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Up to 80% fewer GHG emissions than traditional aviation fuel

Positive Benefit on the Economy

ICON - Port Westward

Estimated Tax Revenues

$65 million in taxes to support state and local taxing districts during construction

$45 million in taxes to support state and local taxing districts during operation

$13 million a year in local property taxes

$5.5 million in Port fees

ICON Green Jobs - Port Westward

Green Jobs Generated

2,400 during construction

240 during operation

Wetland Restoration

Restoring and enhancing nearly 500 acres of wetlands near the Port Westward facility to create diverse native habitat for Columbia County – converting disused single-species tree farmland into habitat crucial for pollinators, local fauna, and iconic native species.

                               Photography courtesy of the Port of Columbia County.