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Lakeview RNG

Located in Lakeview, Oregon, Lakeview RNG will transform organic waste materials into renewable natural gas, renewable diesel, and clean hydrogen – benefitting environmental and community health in southern Oregon and beyond.

Local Facility Permits


State Facility Permits


Federal Facility Permit


Additional Construction Timeline

12-24 Months

Anticipated Operations Start


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ICON Diesel - Lakeview RNG

Renewable Diesel

Made from a variety of organic waste materials, renewable diesel (RD) has up to 85% lower carbon emissions than traditional diesel and is a proven “drop-in” fuel, meaning it is chemically identical to petroleum-based fuels and doesn’t require any modifications to the equipment it’s powering.

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Renewable Natural Gas

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is methane that is produced from biogenic sources. NXTClean will produce extremely low carbon intensity RNG via chemical synthesis by combining Clean Hydrogen and carbon from sustainably sourced waste forest biomass (also known as “slash”). 

ICON BioFuel - Lakeview RNG

Clean Hydrogen

Clean Hydrogen is hydrogen gas produced from a variety of processes which result in a very hydrogen with a very low life cycle carbon intensity. NXTClean Fuels will produce Clean Hydrogen through the reforming of biogenic hydrocarbons, such as those generated as biproducts in the production of Renewable Diesel (RD) or Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) as well as through the gasification of sustainably sourced waste forest biomass (also known as “slash”.)