Sustainability / Responsible Governance

Responsible Governance

To be a leader in our industry, our Board of Directors, executive management, employees and contractors must be grounded in, and adhere to, our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Our leadership ensures that we not only meet our business objectives but do so in accordance with high standards of honesty, respectful conduct, legal and regulatory compliance, safety, and environmental responsibility.
The members of our Board of Directors were appointed for their unique expert experiences and diverse perspectives. It is the Board’s charge to provide guidance and monitor the management team’s performance and encourage protocols to enhance transparency and good governance.
We are committed to being transparent with our investors, shareholders, and other stakeholders about NXTClean’s initiatives, operations, and performance. Our ESG reports will be accessible to the public on an annual basis, and we will provide periodic ESG updates on our website. We value regular, frequent engagement with stakeholders on ESG matters.
We celebrate diversity in race, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and nationality because we know that a wide array of perspectives contributes to innovative and robust solutions that will move the world forward. We are also committed to gender parity at the leadership level and continually strive to increase the representation of women in our boardroom and throughout leadership across our business.